Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I’m Kate, wife, mom, and unofficial Starbucks Top Fan from the great fly-flyover state of South Dakota, with my heart and soul rooted in the mountains of Montana. My wardrobe consists of black leggings and crewneck sweatshirts any day of the week, but I love a good excuse to get dressed up. I speak fluent sarcasm, have very little filter, and tell killer knock-knock jokes. I believe Friends was the most culturally relevant show to ever hit TV (seriously, best bromance of all time: Joey and Chandler. Could I be wearing any more clothes?), that coffee is a food group, and have recently found out that weight lifting and I get along juuuuuuust fine.

When I’m not shooting…

Honestly? Probably watching Friends for the zillionth time, discussing the physical and physiological differences between a sinoceratops and a triceratops with my 6 year old (True story. He knows more about dinosaurs than most Ph.D.s), dance momming with the best of them for my cooler-than-me 10 year old, and planning weeks in the Montana Rocky Mountains with my husband.

About my fam –

It’s a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme: sorority girl meets fraternity dude at a party … and forget they’ve already met until fraternity dude adds sorority girl on Facebook accidentally. Fast forward 16 years and those crazy college sweethearts added two humans (and two rescue mutts) to their little family. Cory, fraternity dude turned husband and father of the year, works in finance and spends his time annoying his wife by hunting ALWAYS. The two tiny humans you see are Amari (10 year old dancing and all around drama queen whose dream is to become either a doctor or a pop star) and Beckham (the dino-obsessed kindergartner who set his sights high as a future football star for both the University of Iowa AND the Dallas Cowboys). As a family, we aspire to spend as much time in the mountains as possible and miiiight even attempt camping someday. It’s far from perfect, but it’s perfect for us.

And that’s the story of me. Now, onto the story of YOU.