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Whether you’re a DIY bride, a Type A bride who likes to keep all the control (boy do I feel this in my soul), or a bride who doesn’t give a hoot as long as she has a good time, wedding invitation printing and design can be quite the monumental task. It’s important to match colors, theme, vibe — all of it. But HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO START?

Enter Basic Invite. Their website is quite literally the must use invitation website on the entire interwebs. Not only do they specialize in wedding invitation printing, but they offer so much more than that. I’m here to give you the 411 on what I think will help you take on this task with ease. Check it off your list, girls. I’ve got you covered.

Basic Invite is, yes, an invitation design and printing company, but they also have FREE wedding websites available! Sure, you can use others, but why not have your wedding website vibe match perfectly with the invitation the visitors to your wedding website will have on their invitation via snail mail?! See? Genius. These websites are incredibly simple to use and customize in any way you could imagine. They are even mobile friendly since who always has access to an actual computer these days? You can add images to your site, include all your wedding day details, and even include maps for out-of-towners expected on your big day!

Wedding websites come in even more handy if you’re planning a destination wedding. I know, I know. But we’re in a pandemic! We’re on the way out, folks, and I can assure you travel will be a must on most people’s what-are-you-going-to-do-first-post-COVID list — so why not get on board and plan a destination wedding! Lucky for us here in the US, there are options for every type of destination you can think of (big city, mountains, desert, even beach!). Before you send out a fabulous paper wedding invitation from Basic Invite, you can share your wedding website with your guests so they can start to get ready for some travel. Trust me, the extra time you give destination wedding guests will not go unappreciated.

AND SPEAKING OF DESTINATION WEDDINGS, the beach wedding invitation selection is straight fire. From low-key neutrals to vibey and floral, Basic Invite has you covered. Best yet? You can color customize as much as you like! You can purchase and customize details OR tweak it to make it your own. Srsly, with over 180 different color options, you can even preview them instantly online. Each element can even be customized. Each element is exactly as YOU want it, down to the smallest detail. Not sure if what you selected will look as you thought in print form? Basic Invite lets you order a printed sample of your design so you can see and feel exactly how it will look before you place the big order! They really take the guesswork out of how colors will correspond to paper and how the paper will FEEL in your hands.

So, here’s the deal. There are a ton of wedding invitation websites out there, but Basic Invite truly has you covered. With almost unlimited colors, custom samples, over 40 colors of envelopes (!!!), and over 900 wedding invitation suites, you’re never left knowing what to do or how to make your invitation dreams come true. Not your thing to customize? Basic Invite as a new all-in-one wedding invitation suite with a tear off RSVP postcard included. There are 30 designs of this particular option ALONE and all you have to do is pick and send.

While I personally love the idea of creating wedding invitations, I know for many it’s more daunting. Basic Invite truly is a custom wedding invitation design company that will take your wedding invites from a faint idea in your mind to reality. They are brimming with ideas and creativity, with inspiration boards sure to get those creative juices flowing. Happy Invitation Printing!

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