Blue Mounds State Park | Luverne, Minnesota | Intimate Spring Wedding | Daniel + Devin

Daniel and Devin opted for an intimate wedding in their home state of Minnesota, crazy midwestern wind and all. While we got away with no snow, it’s honestly surprising we didn’t blow right off the Blue Mounds quarry rocks. The best part of Daniel and Devin’s wedding day was that they opted for some time between their ceremony and reception for some portraits, just the two of them, at a location significant to them. We didn’t take a lot of time (def don’t want guests getting bored waiting for them to arrive at their reception to celebrate!), but it was great to just chill and take some portraits. We worked with the wind and the results were breathtaking.

I absolutely fell in love with Daniel and Devin, but I have to say jealousy is creeping in as they spend time at their home in Florida as we navigate a sketchy spring in South Dakota. Think they’re up for a visit from me? I like to think they’d welcome a midwest visitor looking for some sun and sand.