Whimsical Couple’s Portraits | Beaver Creek Nature Area | Valley Springs, South Dakota

When Jill contacted me for couple’s portraits, I could quite possibly have screamed a little. Think about it — after you got married, when was the last time you had portraits taken of you and your love WITHOUT KIDS? I know in the 8 years I’ve been married, the answer to that question is a big fat zero. Having bomb portraits of you with your significant other or spouse is incredibly important and def worth the time and energy. These two are quite the couple (and Jill might just be my newest bff — we bonded over camper renovations, the general distaste women have for their arms, and Dateline: 20/20) and we had an absolute blast.

Don’t let the time slip away without getting updated portraits of your family, especially those closest to you. Have some fun with it… cuddle, flirt, play, and just be yourself. No matter where you are in life, you won’t regret it.